Podcasting Basics?

Podcasts are web based audio or video files that can be listened to or downloaded on an Mp3 player, computer or a mobile phone.  Podcasts are broadcast through R.S.S. feeds and usually accessed through subscription, downloads or on a blog.

Professional Podcast Resources:



Podcast Hosting

blue host

Website Hosting

Setting up feed

If you want to do it like a pro, then the items below are what you need to be a pro.  You need equipment for quality and clarity in your voice.  You need software to record and edit the recording.  You need podcast hosting to house the space needed for media files and excessive bandwidth when your show gets plenty of downloads.  You want to be serious about your podcasts, then do not host them on your website.  Shared website hosting is not unlimited on any of the companies, so do not believe the line that says unlimited space and, or bandwidth. 

You need a website with blog that you control, not a free blogging platform.  You want a webhosting address like www.yourdomain.com on a website you control by paying monthly service, not the free address like www.blogger.com.yourdomainname.  Here are tutorials on how to set it all up correctly on this website.  Podcasting 101 will take you systematically through the process.

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