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About Podcaster Planet

Welcome to podcaster planet I am Martin Williams, and I am grateful that you are visiting with us.  I started this website for two reasons.

  1. I looked for information for podcasting for hours with mixed opinions from many people.
  2. When I started I did it the free way and with a low cost piece of equipment.

Need I say more.  Let’s just say that I was not able to go far with these opinions that conflicted about podcasting.  What was my results?  In the beginning I put out around 50 audio teachings everywhere.  Over time with a little bit of sense and learning a few things from experience.  I thought that I should go back to listen to some of the podcasts. 


What was the results?  Ouch!  It still hurts me to think about it.  Well, they were terrible!  Not only was the sound terrible, but the pop is annoying.  I cringed.  Pay to do it professional with a decent microphone instead of a headset recorder for $20 from best buy.   

Oh yeah!  Why I started this website?

I want to spare others from wasting time looking everywhere to get bad answers and not the best content needed to start right.  We put everything on this website that you need to get started the correct way on podcasting 101.

Saving you time (No need to search everywhere)

Starting up right (Follow the steps to set up accounts)

Setting it up Correctly the first time (Set up your feed correctly)