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Older Version


Download an older version by clicking the green button on this link below. There will be a green download button for older download.


Below the green button is a link to a newer version on this link below.


Newer version



1.)  Page one

Step 1

Click: Download the Audacity 2.1.2    Download for Windows (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)


2.) Page two

Step 2

Click: Audacity 2.1.2 installer (25.3 MB, includes help files)

Download for Mac (Universal Binary for Mac OS X 10.6 and later)


3.) Page three: Fossil hub

Step 3

Click Run At the bottom of the page.


You will get a pop up that asks for permission to run this program. I scanned it and it was fine at the time that I ran it.  I got a message that said this program is not recognized.  You probably will as well.  Once you are finished, then you will want a file named Lame 3.99. (The file compresses size and saves as mp3 file)

Almost Finished!


Download Lame 3.99 to export as MP3 file.

Lame 3.99



Step one: Open up Audacity


Step two: Set up microphone

Click Edit.

Audacity Microphone

Plug your device into your computer. Click on your device and click on mono for smaller file. Above the preferences is a microphone with volume level.  You want that on for recording.


Step three: Now you are ready to record.

These are the buttons you will use.  The buttons are self explanatory.


This is what a recording will look like. You can adjust the volume to the left of the recorded audio.


You will want to edit by removing unwanted talking point or long pauses by highlighting the section like below and clicking delete.


You want to amplify your audio if the sound is too low for your audience to be able to hear you. Follow these steps:

  • Click on effects
  • Click amplify
  • Raise the volume
  • Check the empty box allow clipping
  • Click ok. Listen and adjust

Remove background noise. Follow these steps:

  • Click on effects
  • Click Noise remove

Tip: Look at the picture highlighted above. You want to start your recording with a five second quiet line like the one above highlighted.  When you remove background noise, you want to follow this step.  You need to high light pause from your five second quiet line, Click on effects, click on noise remove and click get noise profile.  You need to highlight all the audio that you want noise removed out and go to noise removal process again to remove all by clicking noise removal.

Save file.

Click file, then click export file. You will want to save the file as an mp3 file.  You should be able to do this unless you did not download Lame 3.99.