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PODCASTING 101: Blue Host, Audacity, Lisbyn, Blog & Feed




What must I do to be successful as a podcaster? We will explore the essentials to podcasting success by finding the answers by:

  • Podcast Analysis
  • Podcast Ability
  • Podcast Attitude

We will conclude with the Call to Action.

Crystalized Thought: What I am going to tell you

You will discover the possibilities of success by performing an analysis of factual data to be certain that the reward is worth acquiring the ability through educating yourself to perform the task by cultivating the attitude needed to break through the barriers until you succeed through unstoppable action.

Do you want to know how to do podcasting?

 This is the place to be to create your podcast the right way!  Let’s get going: The right way, the right time & the right place!

Why Start Podcasting?

You are unique, one of a kind and you are in a sphere of influence to provide creativity to your circle. The idea is to expand your circle and create your tribe.  What is a podcast?

Podcasts are audio shows that people hear through RSS feed to their computer, laptop, phone or ipod.

Why Start? Statistics Show that podcasts are created every day and listeners are exponentially starting

to listen consistently.  Let’s Look at the data to see why people should start a podcast. 

Chapter I: Podcast Analysis


Download Data Statistics For Podcasting Billions of Podcasts Data Yearly

Who is Listening to Podcasts Data

54% men and 46% women is the podcast audience gender balance

75% of 12 to 24 year olds listen to podcasts

54% of 25 to 34 year olds listen to podcasts

Advertising Deal from podcasts deals data

91% of podcaster advertisers say that they receive value from podcast advertisements

89% of podcast advertisers consider their podcast advertisement to be successful

64% buy advertisement products from podcasts

Podcast attention

65% of 2.3 Billion podcasts came from phones

ITunes has 250,000 podcasts

1 billion podcast subscribers to Apple

People hear up to 6 podcasts a day for up to 2 hours

Sources: Edison Research, Lysbyn, Midroll, Earwolf, Itunes

Podcasting reaches global audiance

Podcasting to the planet

Podcasts remove the limitations of reach that Radio wave transmissions are bound to reach without excessive expense. Podcasts are limitless that they can extend out to the globe without expense.  Podcasts are everywhere, whether it is your blog, ITunes or countless feeds for podcasts.  Podcasts compared to other media dominates the sectors due to the ability to hear the content while you continue with your day.


Where People Listen to Podcasts


People Listen to Podcasts in Planes, Cars and working out


How are people hearing their podcasts?

Podcasting Listening

They are hearing podcasts in their car, phones, computers, iPods or other devises.  Podcasts are simple to create and heard across the globe.

Podcasting tools

Now is your time for a podcast. What to do? No Problem!  Keep reading.

Chapter 2: Podcast Ability


The key to success online and in podcasting is commitment. You will not succeed online without commitment.

80% of blogs do not see dollar one online. 

Why?  The people did not commit.

Success will take time without results for a while from your work.

Commitment means that you will continue to consistently work no matter:

  • how you feel: unmotivated, unconfident, tired, lazy or undisciplined
  • how down you are from a bad day
  • how long it takes without seeing any results

You must do what you are doing consistently.


How do you get results from your work?

You need to be consistent.  Consistent means that you will put out a podcast on a schedule over and over again without missing any of the days that you commit to putting podcast out.  You will succeed, because success is the only option.

Become unconvertible in your action until you succeed.  No excuses! Only success!


Day after day, you must not accept defeat.  You want a harvest; you need to plant the seed.  You must understand that it is seed, time and harvest.

That is not accurate, it is seed, time (Time, Time & Time), and harvest. 

You can do it!  Persistence breaks down resistance.

Chapter 3: Podcast attitude


You need to move forward before you can take off.  Your altitude will be determined by your attitude.  If nothing can stop you from forward progress than nothing can stop you for taking off.

Push forward pressing against every obstacles in your way until that obstacle has no other option than to buckle, lunge forward with velocity to reach your objective.


You need to decide what you will do in the drought.  Anticipate the rain by preparing your field to receive the rain when it comes or do nothing and miss the harvest when the rain comes.  You need to prepare your field now!  The rain will come, all droughts come to an end.

Commit, Commit and be consistent with your scheduled podcasts.   

You will master your schedule and become efficient in your processes and systems creating success.  The result will be confidence.


Until you get to that place, you may need some guidance to get going.  People are confident when they know how to do something.  What do you need to do?  You need to create a plan.

Create your branding

What is the name of your blog, your name or whatever else that you want to brand?  What are the three topics that you will be talking about in your podcast for keywords?  ITunes will allow you to set up a podcast name with a subtitle and a description.

Put your podcast name with the three keywords in your subheading.  Put the name and subheading in your ITunes description.  You should create artwork for your ITunes logo.  The artwork should be 1400 x 1400.  You should create an intro to your podcast.


  1. What is your schedule going to allow you to commit to publishing podcasts?
  • Once a week
  • Twice a week
  • Weekdays
  • Monthly

You must be realistic! What can you commit to consistently?

  1. What about length of time?
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • Hour

Data shows that people are gravitating to podcasts that are 15 minutes long.  Publish the same time and days consistently.

  1. Speak about your niche Topic
  • Smaller segments can be developed by writing your notes out like a three point speech.

            How to communicate a speech?

The topic is the main idea.  The points are the three sub topics that will support your main idea.  Each of your sub points should transition from one to another.  You should close with a call to action.  What are your points leading them to do in the conclusion?  You should stick to three points, because the mind can only process so much with comprehension.

You tell them what you are going to tell them.  You tell them in the speech.  You tell them what you told them. 

  • Segments over 30 minutes should be written up like a show.  Break the show up into five segments.
  • Share something personal (2 minutes)
  • Share your content
  • Share about a recommendation (Plug A product about what you are talking about in your topic)
  • Share more content
  • Close with a call to action (Product Page, Subscription, Follow you or share content)

The point of podcasting is to find an audience and to keep them, so stay on topics that you podcast about consistently.  If your content is about cars, then don’t change it to crafting.


Your attitude must be to only spend money on things that can create passive income streams for you.  There are free ways, low cost ways and the right way to set up your podcast!  I want to show you the right way that is the only way for serious opportunity for cash flow in the future.

Free is free for a reason, you will not create cash flow.  Trust me! 

I did the low cost way with a headset microphone and hosting the podcasts on my host gator webhosting account.  The quality of my podcasts was not right and I started getting calls from host gator about my bandwidth with the business plan account.  I had to upgrade my microphone and went to Lisbyn for podcast.  You want to succeed and I want you to succeed!  Let’s be real!

What is the cost financially?

You can get started for around $150.00.

The Equipment for $50 will get you to start with quality.  You can purchase Web Host for $4.00 a month (Discount: On your first round go as long as you can) for a year and $15 for domain.  Lisbyn for $20 a month.  The total is $135.00.

Crystalized Thought: What I told you

You will discover the possibilities of success by performing an analysis of factual data to be certain that the reward is worth acquiring the ability through educating yourself to perform the task by cultivating the attitude needed to break through the barriers until you succeed through unstoppable action.

None of the points above matter unless you take action!

Podcast Action


You do not need to spend a lot on a microphone to get started.  I use this one myself from time to time.  The stand and USB comes with the microphone.  You may need a pop filter, but this microphone will go far until you want to upgrade.  You can’t beat the sound for the price.

Quality (Get you started)

Click: Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (Textured White) with Full Size Studio Headphones and Pop Filter 



Audacity is free software that people can download to their pc or mac. You can record a quality audio and edit it before you export the file.  How to download and tutorial.

Garage band

The software works on Mac. You should use this software for the features that it offers.  There is a cost of $15.



blue host
Blue host is easy to set up. Great customer support available 24/7 and it is U.S. based support. Get started for $3.49 with a free domain name with web hosting service. One click Word Press set up. They are stable, secure and reliable with 99.9% uptime and back up with restore feature. Every site including files and databases are backed up for you automatically. You get so many features with a bargain price. I trust them for my webhosting as well as 2 million others. Furthermore, they are experienced. 


Podcast Hosting


Do not go to Amazon for podcast storage, they base charge on usage.  You need a flat fee like Lisbyn.  The online gurus will tell you that you can get Lisbyn for $5 a month and pay $60 for the year.  The person that tells you this wants you to sign up through their affiliate link without telling you the whole story.  You may be able to upload one podcast a month for $5.

You will not provide for listenership.  You need to podcast often and collect stats to see what your audience wants to listen to based on downloads.  The truth is that you do not want audio or  video files being pulled from your blog website.  The website will crash eventually.  The plans under $20 do not provide stats and cost $7 for stats.

You need the $20 plan for stats and for the ability to get more storage for $10 more.  You are paying for the ability to control what you need not to be limited by storage or by someone else controlling your capabilities.  You need to remove all limitations.  When someone else controls your capabilities, then you become a prisoner to that limitation.

Lisbyn (Not Serious)

Forget the gurus that tell you partial truth with hopes that you sign up to an affiliate link by limiting you to a cheap service that will keep you small.  If you sign up for a $5 account, then you limit my reach to one thirty minute podcast a month.  Don’t pay to limit yourself.  Do what it takes to get it done.

Lisbyn is a flat fee for usage. You should start with the $20 plan.  The storage space starts over each month for new storage.  Why do you need lisbyn?  The podcast downloads can cause your website to crash from plenty of downloads at one time.  The podcast host can receive plenty of downloads without crashing.  The website is built with the storage and bandwidth to allow downloads without crashing.  You receive stats for downloads.  You will want to sign up for an account.

Libsyn provides:

  • Media hosting and delivery
  • Stats
  • Advertising Programs

How to download on Lisbyn

The screenshots below show you what you need to do to download your podcast audio only on Lisbyn.  Lisbyn is only a storage place for audio and your feed should be from your website not Lisbyn.  DO NOT USE FEEDBURNER.  You lose control over your subscribers and provide that control to Google from feed burner.  Due to that you will let Lisbyn stats tell you all you need to know.

Down Load Only File on Lisbyn

Upload File On Lisbyn

Progress of the File Upload

Do you want to set up your feed correctly? Great, let’s get started!


How to set up Your feed

1.) First of all you need to Log into your Word Press dashboard, scroll down to plugins.  Click plugin and then add new plugin button click.  Type in the search box: Blubrry Power press!  Click Search!  Click on Install.  Activate Plugin.  Scroll to power press on the left side of your dashboard.  Click Settings and follow these steps:

  • Fill in your ITunes
  • Check Channel
  • Save Changes
  • Configure Channel Where you Checked channel
  • Type: Podcast
  • Add Channel
  • Click Edit
  • Fill out the tabs
  • Click save
  • Go to feed tab to copy feed link to check the feed at  Paste feed: Click validate.  Good feed!


2.) Secondly you need to set up account with Apple.  Apple will require a credit card to be on file for sign up.  No Charge.  Login go to podcasts in the store.  Right side should say submit feed.  If not search for submit feed from the their support page.  Submit that feed from your website podcast channel.  The process can take up to two days for Apple to get back to you by email.  When it is approved the plugin will automatically upload your podcasts to Apple.

3.) Finally you need to log in to Lisbyn.  Upload your podcast for download only.  Follow the steps on this page above under Lisbyn.  You will get a link from the Lisbyn upload.  Copy the MP3 File link for that podcast that you uploaded.  Go Back to your Word Press Dashboard.  New Post!  Type in your Title on the new post.  Scroll down the page to Podcast episode.  Take the link you copied from Lisbyn podcast upload and put into that web address bar.  Click verify URL.  The time should show up.  Go up to the post box to type in show notes.  Click Publish.

Feed is set up!  You Completed Podcasting 101